How to Impress a Girl on First Date

First date is relatively tricky! You always stay in a dilemma on what to do and what not to. You desire to look interesting but not needy. But, it takes a lot to impress a girl on first date. With sweetest compliments and chivalrous behavior, you can sweep her off her feet!  Giving her a small gift can be a nice way to convey your feelings to her.

Think beyond the stereotypical necessity and get out-of-the-box ideas and try to be attractive yet impressive.


Follow these steps on how to impress a girl on first date.


Rule-1: Dress with Panache

Dress Properly. This is the first thumb rule to follow before going out on a date. Instead of just grabbing anything out of the closet, wear decent and elegant cloths. Avoid boldly-patterned Tees or colorful socks.  

Rule No-2: The Perfect Greeting

Pick your date up your date and welcome her with a bouquet of roses. Greet her warmly with a smile and with a sincere compliment like "You're even lovelier in person" if you've met online or "You're even lovelier than I remembered" if you met in person. Never shake her hand!

Rule No-3: Impress Her With Your Chivalry

Charm her with your etiquette and chivalry! Create a perfect spot with your courteous actions like:

     • Let her go first.
     • Hold the door and chair for her.
     • Offer her a seat with a better view in the restaurant.
     • Escort her down the street.

Rule No- 4: Bid Her Goodnight In Style
Go for a stroll and hold her hand. When you part, appreciate her company and say something thoughtful. Bid good evening with a small peck on cheeks and walk away confidently.

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