LDR Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day

Doesn’t matter if it is long Distance or no distance; buying a present for your significant other on Valentine’s Day is an unwritten law; a law that bears insufferable consequences for those who fail to comply. There is no escape from buying Valentine’s Day gifts even if your significant other is not in the same city as you are, in fact that is all the more reason or rather an excuse to make the grandest of gestures of your love. So this Valentine, use your noggin and think up some LDR Gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. It is never a bad idea to impress him/her all over again with Romantic gift ideas for LDR.


When you're trying to think up something for LDR you have to make sure it’s big. Since you're not there yourself, you have to make up for it. So contrary to popular belief, LDR gift ideas for Valentine’s Day take a lot more thinking than regular ones and yes we are aware that everyone is not as gifted to come up with things out of their own imagination. So we have here a compiled list of the best LDR idea for Valentine’s Day. Some may take plenty of preparation and some are pretty simple, but all of them reveal the love that you have for him/her.


long distance relationship


So take a look see through these ways of expressing your love to your distant lover. Blow them away with these long distance relationship gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.


Best Long Distance Relationship Gift Ideas For Valentine’s Day


  • E-mail Scrapbook- Thanks to the long distance, most of your conversations probably happen either via e-mail or Skype or texting. A compilation of all the messages and conversations that have happened between the two of you printed in a pretty layout is an excellent romantic gesture and a beautiful long distance gift idea for Valentine’s Day. This tells your significant other that you think of them all the time and the every single moment you have spent together is cherished. What more could a distant lover want?
  • LDR bands- Love bands are quite popular these days. If you want to convey a promise of togetherness and express love in your time’s apart, LDR bands can be one of the most lovable ldr gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Made up of silicon, these inexpensive bracelets are useful in sending valuable message of trust and long distance pride.
  • Watch a romantic movie together- So what if you are not near, you two are very close. Relish that intimacy of yours and plan to watch any romantic flick together. Decide the time that suits both of you and in-between you exchange all passionate desires and feelings over phone or a chat. This way you would be cuddling up in your individual beds miles away, but living beautiful moment of love altogether.
  • Skype date- Technology has made long distance relationship quite a nice experience. You don’t have to wait for your next meeting. Prepare a nice dinner and ask your beloved to do the same or order from outside. Turn-on your webcam and experience the most amazing date of your life as you dine together. For more excitement, put-on the attire that your valentine thinks suits you the best. And don’t forget to light up your ambience with scented candles.
  • Jar butterfly- This one can be one of the most amusing and enthralling presents. You can gift your valentine with a jar which has electronic butterfly in it and your love message engraved on jar surface. The beautiful moment of adoring butterfly will always remind him/her the love that you both share. If you are not able to find this gift anywhere near your place, you can even order it on-line and ask them to deliver at its destination.
  • Flowers and a flower- What can be more romantic than sending your sweetheart a wonderful bunch of red roses on the big day of love? However, this time you can do this is a unique way. Club these natural roses with a golden rose and make this deliver to your valentine’s place. Presenting your beloved with a golden rose is one of the 9 best long distance relationship gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. She will love the fragrance of beautiful bouquet for the day long and cherish that golden rose for her lifetime.
  • Pillow case- Pillows are extremely close to our hearts as we spend hours of talking on phone or thinking about our valentine. This is it, make this pillow session more romantic and mesmerising. Get a pillow case and dress them up in personalised covers. Keep one with yourself and spray your perfume or cologne on the other and gift it to your beloved on Valentine’s Day.
  • Name a star- Naming a star after your beloved on Valentine’s Day is really endearing and precious. Celebrate this wonderful moment of love by gifting your beloved with his/her named star. This way you are declaring your love in the whole universe, forget all the distance barriers.
  • Surprise visit- An enthralling surprise visit is one of the 9 best LDR gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Plan this visit well in advance and make sure that you have your beloved’s house key or you know someone who can take you inside the house in his/her absence on February 14th. Quickly set the ambiance right by aromatic candles, flowers, chocolates and your present. Just as your Valentine returns surprise him/her with that lovely smile and see the sparks flying rocket high.

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