Ways To Be Perfect Girlfriend

You scout for interesting ways to be perfect girlfriend the moment you realise that you have hooked with the right guy. Love relation is the most precious and admired relation for any girl and you too want to do your best to make it wonderful. Well, the simple art of being a good girlfriend is keeping your boyfriend happy and treating him right. But before following this fact blindly you need to understand the ways that can always make him feel delighted and bag you the title of a perfect girlfriend. If you are aware of this, great, but if you are not, then it’s time for you to brush up with some exciting perfect girlfriend tips. It’s true that girls are sensitive and caring in nature, but you need to know the right way to return back the favour of your loving boyfriend. If you think that by simply asking your guy about his whereabouts or keeping a check on his call details will show up your great care, then pretty lady you are wrong. Understand that even if you are, your guy is not interested in catching up your Police Officer side. He wants you to make him feel loved, special and cared in the right way, that’s it.


So, if you want to be the perfect couple and do not want any obstacles in your relation then you must take advice and follow the 7 best ways to be perfect girlfriend.  How to be a perfect girlfriend tips will not leave you any doubt and let you make your partner surprisingly happy with your understanding changed behaviour.

7 Ways to be Perfect Girlfriend

  • Give him space– He loves to spend time with you but do understand that he has friends and life outside your relationship. He is a guy and hanging around his friends is something he always liked and still love to do. One major thing any girl must understand is that she must not overrule his boyfriend and understand his interest and let him free then only he would have something to share with you and have excitement to meet you. One good trick to spend time with your boyfriend and let him enjoy with his friends would be to hang out together with his group. This will keep your boyfriend happy and let him have all smiles for you. But make sure you don’t do it every time.
  • Appreciate his efforts– He may be not perfect in everything and have put some efforts just to make you smile and happy.  It’s not mandatory that he will cook the best or select the best dress for you. The less you expect the more you will be happy and satisfied. Everyone wants appreciation, always do it either you like his gift or not. . Do appreciate his efforts if you want him to try his best next time.
  • Take interest in his likes- Men are from mars and women from Venus, you must have read this great novel and appreciated the truth. If you want to be perfect girlfriend then pack your bag and shift to Mars. Then look for the changes you need to get in your relationship. You have loved him and must like his favourite games and action movies at least you can be with him sometimes when he is enjoying his games. So, taking interests in his likes will make him desire you more than before.
  • Don’t jealous him and be true- Girls have this misconception that jealousy make their men crave for them more but it’s vice versa. Men madly admire the essence of true and innocent love. Don’t try to jealous him by flirting with his friends. Just be true and natural in your relation and you will have your man tight in your arms.
  • Expression of love– Men are not very good at it but they expect a lot from girls in expressing love and affection. A man will never admit their need of emotional support but as perfect girlfriend you must understand and express your care and love for him the time he is upset and stressed with things.
  • Make him special- Now by this we don’t mean that you have to give him expensive gifts every time you meet. All you need to do is pamper him with the things that excite him the most. If your guy is romantic, wear something hot that will bring an overwhelming smile on his face or take the initiative in bed. If your guy is shy and you happen to be with any of yours friends group, then make sure you act in some public display of affection. Remember that he is shy, but deep down his heart he wants your attention and let people know that you are his girl.
  • Earn respect- Make sure you don’t nag over petite issues; this will put your guy off. Earn your respect by supporting him and listening to his dreams. Even if he is not behaving normal at times, understand his problems. Work out on solving them, show him his potential and help him to bring out his best.
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