Top Qualities Men secretly seek in Women

Most men don’t look-out for a supermodel when it comes to going into a relationship. They need a woman who’s intelligent, smart and independent, who doesn’t need any kind of reassurance. Men look-out for their perfect match infused with love, affection, care and support. Guys not always consider beauty over brains as they need a companion rather than a “gorgeous dummy”!

Here are top qualities men secretly seek in women before moving further.

She Is Confident
Nothing can be sexier than a woman who’s happy in her own skin. A man doesn’t like a girl who needs assurance at each point of life.

She Is Intelligent
Men never like a “bimbo,” rather they appreciate a woman who stands equal to them. A smart, savvy and a witty woman acts as a total turn-on!

She Is Spontaneous
Spontaneity plays an integral role in any relationship! Sometimes “planning” loses its charm and fun over time. Men love when their woman take initiatives in the spur-of-the-moment.


She Is Playful
Guys never like all time “serious” or “naggy” kind of a girl. Be a little playful! Witty remarks and goofy comebacks can maintain the spark between the two. Keep the playfulness high and steady.

She Is Independent
Don’t try to be a “spy” rather be his companion! No man wants a girlfriend who nags in each and everything he does. Learn to give your guy his space without creating any fuss.

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