Relationships That Always End in a Break-up

Though breakup is not a suiting word for any couple who are in a relationship, at times the term becomes the only solution to get rid of a lifeless bonding. This is so because love despite being a universally accepted emotion, relationships that blossoms out of it tends to differ with each individual. While love is responsible for catching the attention of two lovebirds at the same time their individual characteristics and mannerisms are to be blamed for creeping up as a Reason for Break Up.  


Not all Types of Relationship are destined with a happy ending. Yes, it is a bitter fact but none the less, true! The way a cook is expected of to have knowledge of all the ingredients that needs to be blended in to serve the finest dish, the same way two individuals in a bonding ought to have certain degree of compassion, affection, tolerance and maturity in order not to let their love fly out of their window. Moreover, reacting emotionally too often can as well serve as a Break Up Reason in a Relationship. So, guys, check out if you are in this alarming zone.


Types of Relationships That Always End In a Break Up


If you happen to be still confused with our Relationship Advices concerning Types of Relationship that Always End in a Break Up, read the following highlights.


Types of Relationships That Always End In a Break Up


1. Dominating Partner

A relation where one behaves like an approver will never survive. For your relation to grow in a healthy way, mutual understanding is an essential quality that both of you ought to posses. The moment any one of you tries to interfere and command more than required, automatically the charm will fade away. No matter how much a person might be in love, no one loves to be dominated and controlled.


2. Insecure Ones

TRUST – another governing factor for a bond to blossom with all its beauty. Be relaxed and shower your trust on her/him. Don’t try to be a crazy freak in completely possessing her/him. Doing so, will not only scare your partner but will make things go the worst way. Instead let things take its own way and if she/he is really meant for you, no matter what she/he will always stick to you.


3. The One That Can’t Be Trusted

With so many elegant ladies and handsome boys out there, everyone feels like giving in to one’s temptations. But hey! You have to hold back. You are in a relationship and have got no right to hurt him/her by cheating. The call is yours. If you can’t have control over your thoughts then obviously break up will not be a far faced fate for your on going relationship.


4. Relationship Based On Manipulation

Lies and manipulation are few of the topics that simply do not fit into a healthy bonding. Being true to your partner and letting him/her know your true self is the best medicine for a relationship to survive long. So today itself stop playing with words and tricking your partner into believing something completely different from what you have actually done or said.


5. Lovers of “Blame” Game

If you are in a relationship where your mate never leaves a chance to put all his/her blame on you when things stops working in the right direction, then you need to rethink about your bonding. Are you happy in such situations? Do you like it when all the frustrations comes crashing on you without any reason?


6. Volatile Partner

Who does not get angry? Every one of us does but then there is a way of displaying your emotions. And remember you need not torture your companion physically always to be abusive. Being rude and throwing harsh words is enough to sour any bonding. Finally a day will arrive when both of you have to part away.


7. The One Govern By Money

Though money is quite essential in today’s world that does not mean your relationship has to be based on it. It is always not necessary to expect expensive gifts or to throw any party concerning your bonding in the most lavish way. Be content in whatever the present offers. Being materialistic is no where a welcoming gesture. 


8. Lack of Respect

Last but not the least, a bond lacking in respect can never have scope of survival.  It is obvious because it is inborn in human that they automatically avoid those situations and people who cannot admire and appreciate their value and image.

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  1. Adrienne Sanders says:

    Trust is earned, respect is a must, manipulation and lying means the end.

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