Writers have really worked hard to pour the intense emotions in writing sayings for close relation like mother, father, siblings and love. Friendship sayings are adored by friends when given on special occasion like friendship day and the most famous love sayings are used by lovers to express their love and feelings to their partners and create the magic of words involved with emotions. Saying and quotes have deep impact on heart especially when written with love by the close relations.

You are in love and that was the best time of your life and now you are apart from your partner and the ache in heart is more than anything. The pain is so bad and you want to express this pain to your love and make him/her feel your emptiness in magical... 

Pour your love and romance in magical words which can directly impact on lover’s heart. The love romantic sayings have passion and desire for love which help you to celebrate your companionship with the partner in more erotic way. Romantic love sayings... 

True love sayings are the best way to express your emotions and feelings to someone you love in a romantic and loving way. There are numerous love quotes given by the famous writers and eminent personalities expressing the true feelings of love and... 

Famous love sayings are about the true love and its feelings. Love is divine but understood by very less people. The depth of emotions and feelings of lovers are only explained by the one who has experienced it in their life. Famous love sayings can... 

Friendship is an excellent situation and what makes this relationship so wonderful is the fact that over a time period it increases further and until the end of your life you are ornamented by the wonderful company of your friends. Friendship Sayings... 

Sad love sayings are collection of love sayings which depicts the feelings of broken heart in love.  When you are going through with the sad phase in life and need inspiration and something by which you can relate yourself with. Sad love sayings understand... 

The best element that can happen to you is love. The most wonderful element that you can ever fantasy of is affection. The element that contributes beauty and joy to daily normal life is really like. Life, for most of us, is imperfect with the large... 

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